• Projected Returns

  • 95% Total Return

  • 8%+ Average Annual Return

  • 95% Depreciation

  • 16% IRR

Multifamily Investments You Can Count On

We Invite you to our New Investment Offering – Creekside Villas at Clear Lake

Creekside Villas at Clear Lake is a 202-unit garden-style multifamily community with proven value-add on its rent roll and abundant market support for higher rent levels. 

It is well-located in one of Houston’s best suburbs with a diversified, healthy local economy, top-rated schools, and affluent demographics that support consistent demand and above-market rent levels for workforce housing.

The Clear Lake area of Houston is one of the hottest areas in town. There are 84,000 jobs within 5 miles of the property, including NASA and a Regional Health Center.

Clear Lake has been ranked the #2 BEST PLACE TO LIVE in Houston and has a $62,274 Median Income within 1 mile.


A Strong Track Record Of Success

Warren and I are both Passive and Active investors in 2187 units across five states.

We are part of 18 syndications. We have syndicated 6 beautiful properties for ourselves and investors from 94-200 units. We invite you to invest along side us.

We currently have $83 Million in Multifamily Assets that we are responsible for. We actively asset manage most of our properties and will be the main asset managers  at Creekside Villas.

At Starboard Equity, we have a strong and consistent track record of delivering results to our investors. We have high standards, focus on quality, and invest right alongside our investors.

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Business Plan & Returns












– Add washers and dryers to most units.
– 100% of units can be updated with granite countertops. 
 – Extremely high in place occupancy over 98% demonstrated demand for additional upgrades.

-$160/month higher rents at renovated comparables.
– Renovated workforce product outperforms market due to limited Class A competition
– 17% T12 rent growth in submarket in 2021
– 9.7% projected rent growth in submarket in 2022 (Axiometrics)

– 84K jobs within 5 miles including NASA and a regional health care center
– $103K average household income within 5 miles
– Clear Lake ranked #2 Best Place to Live in Houston by Niche